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i decided to wear shoes to work today. i wear shoes to work maybe one or two days out of the week, usually on days that i know i have to talk to a client visiting our lab. i wore shoes today because of my vanity. wearing shoes makes me feel more like an adult. ridiculous but true.

like a peacock getting its fancy tail feathers caught in the turbine of a jumbo jet, i suffered. i hate my shoes so much because wearing them is about as comfortable as getting your legs chopped off. i have no idea why i spent money on these things. i would rather have spent the $60 on a dose of dysentery. what made it worse was that i had a lot of lab work to do today which means i was on my feet from 7:30am until 4:00pm, when i sat down to do work at my computer.

how do girls wear shoes all the time? and girl shoes look much worse than guy shoes. girls have heels, point toes, weird buckles, no padding, foot binding, and other torture devices attached to their footwear. do girls just have better tolerances for pain? even now, at 11pm, im rubbing my sore heels and wishing i had a morphine drip.

so what did i learn today?
1) shoes must be made by masochists, or by people who don’t have feet.
2) looking nice has its price (point 2 rhymes)
3) girl shoes must either look deceptively uncomfortable or the average girl has the pain tolerance of a drugged rhinocerous.


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