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what the?! where is that girl in pink headed?


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u g l y…you ain’t got no alibi

as if all the homicides were not enough to make philadelphia a highly unpleasant place to be, it turns out that this city is also home to the ugliest people in the nation.

in addition, we are also morbidly obese. the american obesity association ranked the city in the top 10 for overweight people every year between 2000 and 2005.

amy farley, senior editor of travel & leisure magazine, says that “The relative attractiveness of its residents is only a minuscule factor in evaluating a city’s merit.”

oh rubbish – that is ugly people talk.

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caffeine free diet coke

in the corner of the grocery aisle where you find the fizzy drinks, there is that one drink that is shunned by its bubbly compatriots. it has been ostracized by its canned and bottled peers and despite its glittered up appearance, with its gaudy gold can and fancy container graphics, it is still as unattractive a drink as cat urine. this drink is caffeine free diet coke.

what is the reason for this drink’s terrible fate?

this drink is less fattening than regular coke.

this drink won’t keep you up if you decide to have a can of it with a late dinner.

the color scheme of this can reminds me of the san francisco 49ers, and they are my favorite football team.

caffeine free diet coke has all these things going for it. but maybe things arent exactly as they seem.

simply put, caffeine free diet coke tries too hard to be something that a fizzy drink isnt meant to be and as a result, it becomes something that it was never purposed to be. it is akin to the fat kid in 7th grade who was able to dress “cool” and talk “cool” but everyone knew, was just a poseur. by making this soda a diet soda and a caffeine free soda, coke has took away the very meaning of soda.

people drink soda for one of two reasons. the first reason is obviously taste. colas are proof that god loves us. i dont care how artificial sunkist orange soda is – i think its brilliant. sprite with tons of ice is absolutely the most refreshing thing i can think of on a hot summer evening and just the thought of grape soda makes my tongue dance with eager expectation. sorry tongue, no grape soda today.

the second reason is caffeine. the reason why caffeinated diet coke is immensely popular is because it gives people an alternative to coffee as a stimulant source with none of the calories in coffee. you can also drink it cold, which is nice on a hot day. people will even endure the less desirable taste of diet coke (compared to coke) just to get a little buzz from the caffeine. in the working world, as well as academia, caffeine is king.

so then, if its taste you’re going after, you won’t find it in caffeine free diet coke. if its an early morning pick-me-up you need, you won’t find it in caffeine free diet coke. caffeine free diet coke, then, is completely pointless. the only sort of person who drinks caffeine free diet coke is the sort of person who needlessly counts calories and is deathly afraid of the stimulating and addictive properties of caffeine. do you really want to be this person? and if you are that sort of person, then why are you looking at fizzy drinks? grab a bottle of v8 and get on with it.

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pasta bake

i usually get home from work at around 7 or 7:30pm so if i do decide to cook dinner, it is usually something that i can whip up quickly. for some reason unknown to me, i decided that i wanted to make a pasta bake for dinner. i even stopped by the shop on my way home to pick up mushrooms and green peppers. somehow, it didnt register in my brain that pasta bakes take forever to pasta. i mean bake. i made a pasta bake with kielbasa, peppers, mushrooms, garlic and cheese. lots of cheese. when i ate it, i was terribly ravenous so my face was probably contorting into the sort of face you only see on pornographic films. too much info?

sue waited patiently for it to finish:

look at it! the majesty!

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gee tar

thanks everyone for your guitar suggestions. i went to some shops and decided the guild gad-30re was the one i liked best. i got it today and got it strung with nicer strings – wow! it sounds majestic and great. very different from the mellowed, harmonic filled seagull that i have that has a cedar top and wild cherry back and sides.

orchestra body style:

old school retro?

hard to see in the picture, but the bindin is flamed maple :O

inlays that i cant be bothered with (is this the boy scouts logo?):

a nice mosaic inlay on the rosewood back:

when choosing the guitar, i imagined it to be like what harry potter felt at ollivanders when he choosing a wand. rather, when the wand was choosing him.

“sitka spruce with rosewood back and sides. 1.75″ nut width. fishman matrix natural I pickup. good for playing music on.”

swishy? good for charm work?

October 10, 2007 at 3:08 pm 1 comment

come thou fount

i suppose “fount” is short for “fountain” right? during come thou fount at church today, chris on the bass played a big fat low E on “some” (melodious sonnet), jamina came in on the djembe, and dan and i strummed full open chords on guitars, the sound was intense enough to make my hair stand in 10 different directions at once. it was a wonder noise, certainly some melodious sound. im not sure what the proper structure of a sonnet is.

flaming tongues from above?

this song is crazy!

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