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once every 28 years…

if you get paid bi-weekly every friday, today is quite special….

because after today, there will not be another Three Paycheck February for another 28 years! that’s right! the next time we will have five fridays in februrary is 2036.

enjoy your third paycheck everyone!


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my week with the toyota prius

my car was unfortunate enough to need repairs this week so i was unfortunate enough to be loaned a prius for the duration my car was in the shop.

the prius has become a bit of a fashion item these days. by driving this car, you let people know that you care about baby polar bears, conserving the rain forest, women’s rights, and apple computers. a long list of hollywood celebrities drive a prius, including harrison ford, leonardo dicaprio, cameron diaz, kevin bacon, will ferrell, and tom hanks.

but aren’t fashion accessories supposed to be good looking?

the toyota prius is probably one of the most ugly car on the roads today. this is puzzling because clearly, toyota knows how to design a decent looking car. just look at the cutesy yaris, the understated corolla, and the handsome camry (see below).

so the prius is not too good looking. i could possibly live with that if there were enough good things about the car to offset its deformed appearance. the first thing i liked about the prius was the interior space. it was downright cavernous. the headroom is incredible for a car its size and the rear legroom rivals that found in the camry. there’s tons of room to carry 5 adults around comfortably. the automatic climate control was quick to warm up the cabin of the car on the cold winter mornings and the prius’s suspension was adept at soaking up the moon-like craters found on philadelphia back roads.

the car is also whisper quiet at low speeds when only the electric motor is propelling you forwards. at first i enjoyed the serenity and being thoughtful to people living in the houses i drove by. but after some consideration, i have decided that the quietness of the car is actually quite dangerous. if you are cruising about at a low speeds, as you would in residential areas, the car makes no sound. if you are in a residential area, there will likely be kids playing on the sidewalks. when a kid runs into the street to chase after his ball, he will not hear your prius coming and you will strike and kill the child. your license will be suspended and you won’t be able to drive your prius, which saves a ton of gas.

children in back of the car are not safe either because rear visibility is the worst i have ever experienced in any car. because the rear window is so close to being parallel with the ground, and also because of a spoiler that runs across the rear-hatch, you literally have only 6 inches of vertical space to see the things behind you. so after killing all children in front of and in back of the prius, you will surely be locked away in a turkish prison for reckless driving.

another way to save gas is to be scared off the roads. the prius is so unimaginably slow that merging onto a highway will definitely require you to hire a trauma therapist. you’re on the on-ramp, you signal, look left, the coast is clear, you stomp on the throttle, and….nothing happens. everything seems to get louder but your speedometer is not changing. quite frankly, i am surprised that i am still alive and writing this blog post after driving the car for a week. since dead people don’t drive and thus, cannot burn gasoline, the prius’s lack of any forward motivation further adds to the environmental friendliness of the prius. or maybe the car was designed to be slow so that when you strike the child that did not hear you coming, he will feel nothing but a nudge.

i really don’t see any reason for owning a prius. in regards to fuel consumption, normal diesel cars such as the golf tdi, jetta tdi, and upcoming diesel cars from honda all get better mileage than the prius, which is rated at 48mpg in the city and 45mpg on the highway. so if you want an eco-friendly car, get a diesel. if you want an ugly, slow, and unsafe way to get from home to work, you would be better off with a donkey.

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chocolate cake

i have never in my life baked a cake from scratch. i do not like baking. it requires a lot of measuring, sifting, whisking, and dish washing, all of which are components of cooking i do not enjoy. that being said, i practiced making this chocolate cake with orange zested whipped cream this evening.

here is my sue-chef (HAR HAR) dusting the cake with confectioners sugar:

and here is a slice of the cake served:

i actually added lemon extract to the whipped cream instead of vanilla extract. the bottles look the same. the cream was still pretty delicious – very citrusy, since it already had orange zest all up in the hizzy.

ok that is all! my company has a dessert competition on valentines day and the winner gets an iphone!


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what’s going on in numbers

this week has felt 12 days long and its only 9am on thursday morning.

i have a dentist appointment in 6 hours.

i’ve been at my new job for 5 weeks.

my court date with volkswagen is in less than 2 months.

i will turn 24 in less than 3 months.

i am looking to buy a home in wyndmoor/chestnut hill/wyncote area in the next 12 months.

that’s about it.

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