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we are books and our covers are ridiculous

i must have had a bout of insanity the other afternoon because i bought a pair of sunglasses.

it is a well known fact that sunglasses are useless. first of all, all sunglasses eventually get sat on, crushed, or lost. the more expensive the sunglasses, the quicker they are to meet their demise. also, wearing sunglasses while it is sunny out will leave your face looking like panda bear’s. i really don’t see the point of wearing them. after all, our tribal mastodon-hunting, fire-inventing ancestors didn’t wear coverings over their eyes and they got along just fine, even while spending much more time than we do outdoors. but most importantly, wearing sunglasses makes you look like you belong the set of “the fast and the furious,” which is to say that you will look like an absolute cock.

this bothers me because it signifies a recent trend of people becoming more and more defined by increasingly insignificant things. for example, it used to be that the car you drove said a lot about who you were. for example, if you drove a porsche, then you were having a mid-life crisis. if you drove a lexus, then you played golf. if you drove a hummer, then you dined on bald eagle egg omelets and burned rain forests on free weekends.

nowadays, the program on your television says more about you than peoples’ cars ever did. think im wrong? consider this: when someone admits they absolutely are obsessed with “deal or no deal,” everyone within earshot automatically judges this person to either be clinically brain-dead or from the deep south. similarly, people who watch “american idol” have horrible taste in music, viewers of professional wrestling are illiterate, and fans of “the real housewives of nyc” have no friends.

this really is a shame because we end up judging people before we can even get to know them. despite my rather cynical entries on this blog, i do believe that the majority of people are not window licking mentals and a good number are worth getting to know. if you really think about, all of our closest friends were strangers to us at one point. so next time smile and say hello to the person behind you in line at the grocery store, even if they have bought only bean sprouts and recyclable tofu.


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