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i’ve been meaning to check out char-grill for a while and today, i finally drove past it and decided to go in with a friend. when i say go in, i actually mean say outside since there is no indoor eating area. you just sort of walk up to the window and order using an order slip.

the burgers are easy to order because there aren’t many options to select from. you can have cheese, catsup, mustard, or onions. i liked the simplicity actually; burgers these days are overwrought with aioli, bone barrow, and other strange ingredients that restaurants use as an excuse to charge you $20 for a burger, which was intended as a simple food. its also fun to see your patty being cooked over huge flames:

the burger itself reminded me of a good burger that one might eat at a friend’s bar-b-q:

the bun was soft but firm and the meat itself was well seasoned. however, the patty was a little on a overcooked side. for $2 though, it was pretty good! the next time i go, i will definitely ask for a less well-done burger.


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nobody ever suspects…

i took this photograph at the university of florida museum of natural history:

it was my first time in gainesville, FL and i had a great time visiting my fiancée’s alma mater. on campus, there is a bat house where bats roost. i’m not sure if “roost” is the right word here. at dusk, they all wake up at the same time and leave the house to go hunting. hunting for jokers maybe.

all in all, quite the incredible weekend.

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