on pork rinds and undershirts

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everyone on the internet is an expert on something, aren’t they?

you can find grammar gurus who will point out that “everyone” is a singular pronoun and that my previous sentence should have ended with “isn’t he?” then you will have word usage nazis who will defend my usage of “they” by saying that my sentence has the best flow the way i wrote it.

if you find the need, you can reach out to connoisseurs of fine fabrics on the internet to assist you in finding the right drapes for you house. or you could get advice from running shoe buffs who know exactly the best sneaker to buy based on your weight, height, stride, and running surface.

you can experts in more obscure topics as well. a few that i found included pork rinds, wedgies, angry birds, and undershirts.

doubting the legitimacy of that last alleged “expert” on undershirts (could such a person really exist? i pondered) i recently decided to conduct my own little undershirt experiment. i have been wearing the same god-awful undershirts for the last few years. by now, they have all stretched out of shape with one end indistinguishable from the other and the armpits all stained grey. was my undershirt a function of my bankrupt personal hygiene? or was it a function of my frugality in buying the cheapest undershirts i could find?

for my experiment, i have purchased 3 Hanes undershirts ($7.50/3 shirts) and 3 Tommy Hilfiger undershirts ($15/3 shirts), which as you can see, are neatly double the cost of the Hanes. both shirts are 100% cotton. below are the parameters of the 6 month study:

– remove all other undershirts from “circulation” until completion of study
– Hanes and Tommy Hilfiger undershirts will be worn an alternating weekdays underneath my work uniform
– the same deodorant/antiperspirant will be used with each day’s wear
– launder all 6 shirts simulatenously in the same wash cycle (cold), and air dry
– tide cold-water detergent will be used for this study, no bleach

the results i am most interested in are:

– how white the shirt stays
– overall shape retention
– neck hole integrity
– fabric durability

check back in 6 months to see the results! i can tell that you are all just bursting with the same excitement i share.


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