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I’ve recently become addicted to NBC’s “Heroes” television show. Part of the addiction stems from the marvelous characters that the writers have cooked up. The other part of the addiction comes from every males’ inner, secret desire to have super powers.

Masi Oka’s charcter, Hiro, has the ability to bend time and space, allowing him to time travel and teleport. He’s my favorite character so far because he is what I would like to be – endlessly optimistic, convicted of his purpose, and geekily stylish. The future version of Hiro, who is clad in black, wields a large katana, and speaks perfect Ivy league English is the only positive portrayal of an Asian American on television.

This brings me to my next point, which is our future.

We are told that every day, dozens of species of exotic birds and plants go extinct, the hole above the polar ice caps is widening, causing all polar bears to get skin cancer, and that carbon dioxide from our cars are going to turn the earth into an uninhabitable wasteland. The people telling us this say that we should only use fluorescent light bulbs and flush our toilets only when absolutely necessary. To them, driving an SUV lies on the morality scale somewhere between doing heroine and pedophilia.

Has the world gone mad?

You only have to look at the Health page on to see where our society’s real problems lie:

my word....

Why don’t we focus on our children for a while? Certainly they are more important to us than some silly ant species in the Amazon. While the adults in society are at the Home Depot buying energy saving light bulbs and water conserving toilet tanks (which they can afford only by working 50 hours a week), our neglected children are turning into manic-depressive, iron-deficient fatties. Oh, and they have low iron which will retard any possible learning in our already dreadful public school system.

A good, critical look at the things around you and what you will realize is that in our quest to be politically correct and environmentally friendly, we are destroying the very future that we intended to save. Our misguidedness goes beyond the trivialities mentioned here.

I am only up to episode 11 of season 1 of Heroes, so future Hiro has said little other than “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” I wish Hiro were real and I wish he would say more.

Save the world, indeed.


September 4, 2007 at 3:57 pm 2 comments

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