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attack of the clone


the bbe green screamer is a clone of the classic ibanez tube screamer. after trying out both at the store, i could not tell the difference in the sound between the two so i went with the much more affordable bbe stompbox. it can produce quite a range of sounds, from a crunchy compact wak wak to a creamy nerrghh nerrghh. it also has true by-pass, a nifty tone knob, and is built to last longer than forever – transaction complete!


November 7, 2009 at 7:15 am 1 comment

seagull 2.0

my trusty seagull, now more than 6 years old…

…will soon receive an upgrade in the form of:

get ready for musical pornography. here is a sneak peak!

pure filth!

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bear with me if you aren’t into this sort of thing. lion and tiger with me if you are a guitar player.

i think i’ve finally found the sound i’ve been looking for out of my acoustic guitar.

oh my!

i go from my guild gad-30re (fishman matrix natural I) into the ultrasound DI plus preamp/eq. the electroharmonix holy grail reverb pedal is stuck placed into the effects loops of the DI box, which lets the reverb be applied before the shape/notch/eq functions of the DI box but after the pre-amp.

very simple, relatively speaking. i don’t think i’ll want to add a chorus or delay to this, as the sound is exactly what i’m looking for. the ultrasound is great for reducing feedback, providing a much warmer sound than the tinny matrix natural I can make alone, and the holy grail reverb massages the sound and adds a bit of moisture to make your ears die of happiness.


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david crowder band rocks

“Ever faithful
Ever true
You I know
You never let go

In joy and pain
In sun and rain
You’re the same
Oh, You never let go”

the david crowder band concert was pretty rockingly awesome. my ears are still bleeding from it but never have blood from my eustachian tubes felt so sweet.

interestingly, the song that meant the most to me was a song on his newest album that i wasn’t too crazy about, never let go. the lyrics above smacked me in the groin and face simultaneously.

like a mac truck hitting a startled deer.

November 9, 2007 at 4:24 am 3 comments

gee tar

thanks everyone for your guitar suggestions. i went to some shops and decided the guild gad-30re was the one i liked best. i got it today and got it strung with nicer strings – wow! it sounds majestic and great. very different from the mellowed, harmonic filled seagull that i have that has a cedar top and wild cherry back and sides.

orchestra body style:

old school retro?

hard to see in the picture, but the bindin is flamed maple :O

inlays that i cant be bothered with (is this the boy scouts logo?):

a nice mosaic inlay on the rosewood back:

when choosing the guitar, i imagined it to be like what harry potter felt at ollivanders when he choosing a wand. rather, when the wand was choosing him.

“sitka spruce with rosewood back and sides. 1.75″ nut width. fishman matrix natural I pickup. good for playing music on.”

swishy? good for charm work?

October 10, 2007 at 3:08 pm 1 comment

come thou fount

i suppose “fount” is short for “fountain” right? during come thou fount at church today, chris on the bass played a big fat low E on “some” (melodious sonnet), jamina came in on the djembe, and dan and i strummed full open chords on guitars, the sound was intense enough to make my hair stand in 10 different directions at once. it was a wonder noise, certainly some melodious sound. im not sure what the proper structure of a sonnet is.

flaming tongues from above?

this song is crazy!

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